Kirby’s Presence in Pop Culture

Project by Kevin RyanMarvel1

Jack Kirby – The Reach Into Skateboarding

As a young boy I was never immediately drawn to comics but if I saw movies or something referencing X-Men, Batman, Captain America or any other superhero I thought was “cool” then I had an interest in comics and Jack Kirby without knowing it. I remember playing an X-Men game on a Gameboy Color back in 2001 that my parents bought for me while we were visiting family in Ireland. It must have been expensive but I had no grasp of that as a seven year old! I just loved the game and enjoyed beating up bad guys as Wolverine or Cyclops. Fast forward to me as a twelve year old picking up a skateboard for the first time and you’ll see that I still enjoy the simple treats in life. Skateboarding as a hobby and a passion to me is comic book reading and writing for others. Even as a 21 year old now I still reminisce in that delightful nostalgia of comic book characters transformed into movies. Wolverine has been my absolute favorite X-Men for the longest time!

How skateboarding connects to Jack Kirby and comics will be explained here:

Santa Cruz Skateboards’ Artist Jim Phillips designed their iconic “Screaming Hand” with Marvel Superheroes for their 30th Anniversary as a company. Spiderman, Wolverine, Thor, and Venom are pictured here (left to right)
DC Comics partnered with Almost Skateboards to do a similar concept art but with villains instead. It can almost hark to a “Marvel VS DC”Battle!

Skateboarding is my favorite activity in the world and I thought I’d share how powerful Jack Kirby’s work is. It is so powerful that skateboard companies released a series of characters inspired and adapted from the very comics that Jack drew and Simon inked. Skateboarding meets Comics is such a cool thing to happen. I never thought  it could happen and then it does, proving that comics are much more than drawing for fun, they’re a graphic/literary medium that affects people in positive ways.


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